DIY interior design ideas

DIY interior design

You don’t have to hire a professional designer to make your home look fabulous – homeowners themselves can do most interior design jobs. From sprucing up the living room or kitchen to a complete bedroom makeover, giving your home a whole new look can bring renewed energy to its occupants as well as adding value to a property. And with proper planning, a few essential tools and a good eye, it’s something any of us can turn our hand to.

Modern or vintage looks – simply and quickly

Old suburban houses and city flats can easily be given a new contemporary look with a fresh new colour scheme: imagine a bright feature wall or textured wallpaper to bring a tired living room up to date with current trends. Or breathe new life into perfectly functional, but hopelessly outdated kitchen units simply by purchasing new doors and designer handles.

In rural houses, a more rustic design is often suitable. The shabby chic look is both nostalgic and fashionable, and is one that anyone can achieve for just a small amount of money. Repaint old furniture; invest in some bold floral prints and upcycle old chairs and cabinets with new upholstery or by stripping chipped and faded paintwork. It’s also possible to find great shabby chic furniture bargains in second-hand and antique shops.

Going open concept

A rather more ambitious DIY job is to create a feeling of space in an old home by knocking down interior walls to create an open plan kitchen-lounge diner. Open concepts are all the rage in home design these days, and are quite possible in almost all houses; remember though that a load-bearing wall should never be demolished and that it is always essential to check for electrical cables or water pipes hidden inside a wall. If in any doubt, get professional advice before reaching for the sledgehammer.

It’s not always necessary to knock down a wall to create a feeling of space, sometimes it’s enough to remove a door and to expand the doorway by removing the frame, or by creating links between different areas with the help of a large, heavily textured rug. Remember that there’s quick money to be made by selling your discarded doors, unwanted furniture etc. through online marketplaces.

Go green with reclaimed furniture

The biggest trends in interior design currently are sustainability and the environment, and some of the hottest designers have found new and innovative ways to use reclaimed wood, to create a trendy eco-friendly bench seat to a forest-inspired shelf.

Lighting can really change the look of a room in such a deceptively simple way. Consider abandoning traditional rose pendants in the centre of a room and place smaller lamps around a room for a softer, more directed light. Tall stand lights as well as track lighting are also popular, and you could even make your own unique lampshades from reclaimed, found objects.

Combat clutter

One of the biggest challenges for any homeowner or interior designer is finding a solution to the problem of clutter. A home is certainly not a show house, and everyone accumulates knick-knacks throughout their life, especially those who have already begun to extend the family with younger members. Fresh and creative storage ideas that utilise vertical wall space, under-the-bed or stairs areas or even making a feature of it with unusual boxes and containers are especially useful to the budding interior designer, and require no DIY building experience.

Kitchen Remodeling Designs

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling layout that you make a decision upon is usually a matter of individual taste.  Even so, you must think about the shape from the room or space with which you must do the job.  Following are the fundamental Columbus Kitchen Remodeling designs;

One-wall kitchen design and style

That is perfect particularly exactly where you have a smaller, narrow area.  It is going to also suit you when you don’t do very much cooking. All the cabinets and appliances are lined up against a single wall.  This design is not high priced as it has constrained counter tops which have a tendency to get high priced to construct.  Due to its simplicity this is the simplest pattern to remodel with no professional assist.

Your choices with this pattern are confined as all your cabinets will have to be overhead, operating area is limited and you could possibly be forced to improvise, and your cooker and sink are bound to get closer to each and every other than you could be comfortable with.

Corridor style kitchen area

This design and style is ideal for any long narrow space which could accommodate counters along two walls using a corridor in in between.  The sink, fridge and cooker are distributed involving these two walls.

It really is also referred as a galley layout.  It does not require too a lot room or space in the household and is affordable as the area in the counter top is confined.  On the other hand, only one individual can function in this home at a time.

L-Shaped kitchen area style

As this Columbus Kitchen Remodeling style can be use in both large and little spaces, it can be easily the most common.  A single wall is longer than the other and hence the L-shape. There is a larger doing work location, and storage room.  You might even determine to do away with upper cabinet storage.

Double L-shaped layout

If you are thinking about this Columbus Kitchen Remodeling layout, you have to have a major room or space to function with.  This design can accommodate two sinks and two cookers, and as a result a second cook can comfortably fit in.  It’ll commonly have two or a lot more entrances.  It has a lot of counter place.  The storage area just isn’t increased as no a lot more cabinets may be fitted in.

U-Shaped home layout

This really is similar to the corridor design kitchen area but having a third wall.  There is certainly an improve in storage place.  The third wall avails place for any cooker or sink and additional storage.  Due towards the closed off nature of this layout the home may perhaps have a tendency to get dark, strategic lighting will take care of this.

G-Shaped kitchen style

You’ll demand lots of room for this layout.  It’s excellent for a busy kitchen area, exactly where a lot of heavy, normal cooking is done.  It will eventually comfortably accommodate two cooks, as you possibly can fit two independent operating areas.

Consult your local directory for the listing of registered Kitchen Remodeling experts who will advice you on how very best to use the designated kitchen room within your property.

Decorative – Garden Decor

Garden Decor

Your garden is the closest that you can get to nature in the hubbub of your daily life. Moreover, a mixture of interests can be fulfilled in the garden giving rise to cultivation of hobbies and a healthy active lifestyle and enjoyment of your aesthetic senses and relaxing in the beauty of nature. You can also extend the activities of your daily routine into the garden thus breaking the monotony of your home. As such, you can make your garden decor much more exciting than just arrangement of plants and flowers.

Garden decor activities provide large opportunities for expressing your creative talents, as you have to coordinate many different elements to produce the desired effect of one beautiful place. The items that you select for your garden decor whether they are garden cherubs, fountains, sophisticated arches, or decorative stones, will give the combined overall impact of your creativity. Basically a garden is the result of the creativity and efforts of its gardener and as such each garden has its own distinctive style reflecting the talents of the gardener. Garden decor is never static, as it needs to be carried on all the time by adding different varieties, shapes, colors, and sizes of flowers so that they supplement each other.

Stones or birdfeeders can also be utilized to give the desired effect as envisaged by the gardener. For getting the best effect of Garden decor there are many items that can be strategically placed such as: Garden plaques on walkways, ground birdfeeders at the right places, decorative rain gauges and thermometers, wind chimes and last but not the least, fountains that can really enhance the impact of your garden decor. Planters and fountains can be very vital parts of the garden decor and the best part of the whole exercise is that these items are not very expensive.

A proper garden decor should aim at creating a comfortable and coherent atmosphere with limited use of ornaments and furniture. However, in order to create spaces and enhance the many moods and feelings of the various garden areas, certain carefully selected objects should be placed so that the family and guests can enjoy their sojourn at the garden. Apart from being just a flower, “perennial” also refers to many long lasting items that are related to garden decor such as: perennial efforts to keep out weeds and pests, perennial hope for a better garden than the year before and a perennial desire for rearing the plants which is such an enjoyable task.

Your garden decor can be further accentuated by placing decorative pots with plants throughout the entire vine area with compact, showy and colorful flowers to form a splendid array of color throughout the summer. They can then be replanted in the garden in the fall and you will find that they will spread throughout the garden like a cover. Statues have always adorned gardens and are an important part of any garden decor whether it is a public site, stately home, country mansion or even your smaller garden.

You can spend as much time as you can spare for garden decor activities. Being out in the open and tending to the plants and flowers has a charm of its own besides giving an opportunity to exercise your limbs and giving vent to your creative abilities. The pleasure that you will derive, when you see the fruits of your labor blossom forth in your garden, will simply be unfathomable. Moreover, you can relax in the wonderful atmosphere of your garden which would become an extension of your home like an extra room. If you take care of the design and the garden decor, this place will become as important as any other room in your home.

Stylishly Decorating Your New Home

Stylishly Decorating

When you buy your first home, you will spend not only a lot of time, but a lot of money decorating it and preparing it to be lived in. There is an overwhelming amount of things you will need. Not only basics, but appliances, furniture, cleaning tools and more. The selection of things to choose from can be dizzying.

For couples lucky enough to have a large bedroom, one luxury that everyone must own in their lifetime is a king size bed. The size of this bed offers comfort and luxury that nothing else can quite match. While a king size bed is quite a bit more expensive than smaller beds, it is well worth the money spent. A king size bed must also be equipped with all of the plush accessories like a king quilt, pillows, shams and sheets.

Dressers are important in every home. Well built dressers will last you dozens of years. But it is important to measure for the correct size so you don’t waste time purchasing something that doesn’t fit into your home. For a couple, most will want at least two dressers, especially if there is limited closet space. But you don’t want your room overcrowded either.

A good idea if you have a teenager or even a pre-teen is a loft bed. These basically look like bunk beds but without the bottom bunk. They are great for small rooms. You can fit either a desk or dresser under the bed and still have plenty of space left in the room.

While there is much furniture and large pieces that are obvious to filling a house, there are some smaller things that some don’t think about. Every home needs a good vacuum cleaner. The top of the line is the vacuum cleaner. There are many smaller things in your home that you can skimp on, but purchasing a vacuum like the well worth every dollar you pay. They are not only powerful and sturdy, but they will last you many years to come.

Another piece you should consider that you want to last a long time is a good couch. This is another instance however where it is important to measure. Not only the space you need to fill, but the entryway in which you will be bringing in your couch. When selecting a couch, it is important to sit on it like you would at home. If you often lay on the couch, test it out that way. It is the only way you can be assured to get a piece that is actually comfortable.

As you can tell, we have just started with things you need in your new home. However, if you take time and work room by room, you can have a home that is warm, welcoming and well equipped. You will have furniture and accessories that last you a long time and save you money because you wont have to replace them often.

Decorating with an Asian Theme

Asian Theme

Looking for a way to dress up a drab room in your home?  Taking your living room or bedroom on an Oriental adventure could be the perfect excursion.  With it’s exotic flavor, Asian decor can be a beautiful decorating choice, but requires some restraint.  When it comes to the perfect Asian influenced decor, simplicity is critical.  When it comes to Asian design, less is more.

Color:  For the walls, think beige or tan, inspired by aged bamboo or rice parchment. This will create a nice base color for the room that can be accented with some bolder, Asian inspired colors. Liberal use of black and white in furniture and accents can be desirable.  Mix in some green that conjures up visions of a dense bamboo jungle for a bold, expressive look or a jade sculpture to create more muted, tranquil space.  Use a health splash of red and gold to transport your guests to the Far East.

Floors: An obvious choice is bamboo flooring which looks great but can be costly.  A less expensive alternative is laminate flooring. However, any wood or laminate flooring will do just fine.  Terracotta tiling is another great option, but light stone and ceramic tile look great too. Avoid the temptation to use an oriental rug unless you feel strongly that it works. You’ll save a few bucks.  Instead, seek out a jute rug.This loomed, natural fiber alternative offers a simple solution that supports your design theme well. If you’re on a budget, consider a wool blend or synthetic version.

Windows:   Embrace the ambient light in the room and use light silk drapes tied back with gold cord with tassels.   For a more casual vibe, consider roll-up bamboo shades. Plain blinds are fine, but you can also find bamboo blinds painted with oriental calligraphy or other Asian symbols and scenes if you want a bolder look.

Lighting: Chinese lanterns can be found in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes not to mention budget.   These are perfect.  Consider using candles to set the perfect mood.  Do your best to avoid modern or period-specific lighting.  Water plays an important role in Asian culture, so a lighted water treatment or fountain might make a good substitute for a lamp.

If you’re going to break the budget, this is where you might want to do it.  Traditional lacquered furniture is a mainstay of Asian decor.  Most often found a highly polished black, red, gold or white it’s a centerpiece accent that can bring the Asian influenced theme together.  Think about a small table, trunk, armoire or stool.  These furnishings generally painted with scenes of life, landscape or floral designs.  Expand on the look with Wicker or bamboo furniture which perfectly complements a room decorated in Asian decor.

Jade carvings, Oriental wall fans, silk paintings, Asian wall reliefs or lacquered wall art are perfect Asian decorating choices.  Porcelain vases or fishbowls make a great Asian decor accents as well. Ginger or tea jars, bonsai trees, bamboo plants, Asian clocks and mirrors are all excellent decorating options. The only thing standing in the way of your perfect Asian inspired room is lack of imagination.

Have a blast with all the great decorating options, just remember that in the case of Asian-themed decorating it’s important not to overdo it.  It’s important to make sure that the space is free of clutter, otherwise you won’t get the same effect.  Don’t overdo it. Use a few key decorative accessories to project your theme. You can always add more later.

Choose The Color Of Your Dream House

Color Of Your Dream House

Selecting the proper color is not easy. You can not simply pick the color you like the best or the color that compliments the color of your house. That color may not be suitable for the bats in your geographic region!

The color of your house affects the temperature of the roosting chamber. Dark colors absorb more solar heat and there for make a warmer chamber. Light colors absorb less solar heat and make a cooler chamber. A difference of only a few degrees can be enough to convince bats to avoid your house. The following points effects the appearance of your room when choosing the color:

Collect Decorating Samples from Your Home
The best way to begin choosing the right paint color for your living room is to let fabric lead the way. Fabric provides inspiration for a room’s color scheme. It’s also a more prudent starting point since painting your living room is much easier and costs a lot less than to change furniture and window treatments.

Existing Colors
Your house is your canvas, but it is not blank. Some colors are already established. What color is your roof? Is there mortar or other siding that will not be painted? Will doors and railings remain their existing colors? New paint does not need to match existing colors, but it should harmonize.

Darks and Lights
Light colors will make your house seem larger. Dark siding or dark bands of trim will make your house seem smaller, but will draw more attention to details. Darker shades are best for accenting recesses, while lighter tones will highlight details which project from the wall surface. On traditional Victorian homes, the darkest paint is often used for the window sashes.

Notice Architectural Features
Highlighting window casements, columns, staircases, crown moldings and other architectural features with shades of white can instantly turn your living room into a true showcase admired by friends, family and yourself. If you’re feeling brave, instead of painting your living room’s architectural features white or off-white, consider the palest shade of color to coordinate with the walls.

Interior Colors
It may seem comical to paint entire house based on the pattern of a pillow case, but this approach does make sense. The color of your furnishings will guide you in the selection of your interior paint colors, and your interior paint colors will influence the colors you use outside. Once again, your goal is to harmonize.

Ceiling Colors
When colors are selected for a room doesn’t forget the ceiling! Most of us settle for builder’s white. That is not necessary. A ceiling colored the same as the walls provide a sense of intimacy. A ceiling painted in a complementary color to the walls makes the room look finished.

Difference between paint Finishes: 
• Flat finishes have no shine, making them ideal for hiding minor surface imperfections.
• Eggshell or velvet finishes work in just about any room. They are easier to clean than flat finishes and offer a soft glow that warms up any room.
• Satin or semi-gloss finishes are easy to clean and are good for highlighting architectural details. They work well in kitchens, baths, and on doors and trim.
• Gloss finishes are shiny and scrubable, so they are perfect for doors, trim and specialty uses.
• Sheen terminologies vary by manufacturer. Please see your dealer to view actual sheens.

Effect and colors are partners. Colors that encourage intimacy include reds and oranges. Color that are dramatic include navies, deep greens, and purples. Colors to add freshness include apple greens, yellow and whites. Easy to live with colors are mid-blues and taupes. Take courage. Choose colors you like. Apply the process. The results will be rewarding.