• RIP Giger

    Swiss artist H. R. Giger died yesterday at the age of 74. Characterized by his nightmarish, surreal, monochromatic, intricate biomechanical dreamscapes, he is most popularly known for his designs for Alien. I’ve always liked the intense yet cold quality of his paintings, and the mystery behind them; they remind me of the sacred, esoteric rites of some ancient alien civilization, both profane and hallowed, sterile and salacious.

  • Anatomical Venus

    One of the most bizarre relics from bygone days of anatomical understanding is the Anatomical Venus. Endowed with a startlingly lifelike appearance, full-size, and lovingly detailed, these wax models, popular through the 18th and 19th centuries, represented idealized beauties with body parts and organs that could be revealed and removed in a layer-by-layer dissection. Made with real hair, sometimes real eyelashes, glass eyes, bedecked with pearls, they were meant to enlighten the public on the anatomy of the animal “made in God’s image,” in a way that would be accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

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