• The Reigning of the Moth

    The Reigning of the Moth is a delightful short film by artist Katie Eleanor. Jumping back and forth between color and black-and-white, this oneiric offering is full of surreal imagery and the charming disjointedness of a silent film. A young girl encounters a group of black-garbed, witch-like beings in the forest, who attempt to transform her. I love the design of the intertitles. Occult, nonlinear, eerie, and whimsical, this film is a love song to past cinema and is hauntingly piquant in its own right.

    Also take a look at her lovely photography.

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  • Jessica Dalva: Hapax Legomena

    Jessica Dalva’s show Hapax Legomena is at La Luz de Jesus through May 31st. I love the unearthly beauty of these figures with their milky eyes, poignant, haunting expressions, and intensely eloquent bodies, posed within their black frames.

    The term “Hapax Legomena” is used to describe words that only appear once in a text or language, often rendering them untranslatable. Each piece in this series revolves around an individual word, a facet, a unique expression of a part of the complex variety of personal battles we fight….The show focuses on one’s relationship with oneself, internal wars, and the entanglements of love. The sculptures are a navigation through fears, moments of clarity and joy, and nightmares.

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  • Atsuko Goto

    These softly beautiful watercolors by Atsuko Goto are ethereal and enveloped in a dreamlike haze, with an extraordinary effect produced by the materials she uses, including lapis lazuli on cotton. Delicate, richly detailed, yet vague, they are haloed with a ghostly lambency and feature children and women entangled with flora and fauna, adorned and integrated with flowers, insects, butterflies, birds, koi, and mammals.

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