Roof Inspections Explained

Roof Inspections

If you are new to property ownership, building maintenance is part and parcel of owning real estate, and the roof is the one component that protects the building from the harsh elements.  A roof inspection carried out on an annual basis will allow you to carry out minor repairs before they cause any damage, and with that in mind, here is a brief rundown of a roof inspection.

  • Check for Missing Roof Tiles – In the event you lost a few roof tiles, your local roofers in Plymouth can come to the rescue, as they would be able to match the tiles and replace any broken or missing units.
  • Inspect the Soffit & Fascia Boards – These are typically made from wood, and require repainting from time to time, and in the event they are damaged, the best option is to replace both with PVC sections, which look great and do not need maintenance.
  • Cleaning Out the Guttering – This is essential, as wet leaves and small twigs can quickly gather, causing a blockage, and without an escape channel, excess rainwater will run down the exterior walls, and you want to avoid that. The roofer would power wash the guttering, ensuring it is free from obstruction.
  • Flashing – This might be fashioned from copper, lead or stainless steel and it provides a seal between different roof materials, such as along the chimney breast line and when roof creases meet, and any issues should be promptly dealt with.

With an annual roof inspection, you can rest assured that any issues will be identified and repaired before it causes too much damage.






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