Settling in a new City with in a New house

New house

Buying new property can be a very exciting and rather painstaking process. After renting for years, working very hard and saving, finally the time had come to purchase a property of my very own and I wanted to share with my readers on home improvement ideas.

There are a few things to think about before visiting your bank and applying for a mortgage. Although you should already have an idea of you budget, this will be in direct proportion to your income and any savings you might have! You should have an idea of the type of house that you wish to purchase, as everybody has different needs, I really liked the idea of a new build home on a new housing development, the idea of buying New appealed to me greatly as I could rest easy that all the things and everything about my house was modern and had not had to withstand the years of neglect that some home owners seemly put their second hand properties though. But for example, If you are a family of 3 you will not purchase a 1 bedroom apartment in the city centre. It would make more sense to find a home or pick from one of the many new-houses with space for a garden for your little one to play in. As me I don’t have any children so a bright one bedroom apartment would suit me fine. Think about the style and finishes that you prefer. I’m looking for an apartment with relatively high ceilings and timber floors. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, so the kitchen would play an important role. I’d like an open plan kitchen with granite tops; this should face the lounge / dining area so that I can interact with my guests while cooking up a storm.

Also consider the area you wish to buy! How far is it from your work? How much time and money will you spend commuting? Personally I don’t wish to spend a large portion of my day stuck on the tube, therefore I would prefer to find an apartment that is as near to my workplace as possible. I will also have a look the shops, restaurants and facilities such as gyms in the area.

So it is time to get looking around. It’s a good idea to go through an agency when purchasing property for the first time. They have a large database of property available and they will be able to offer you advice. Especially when it comes to contracts and the legal side of things, as this can get rather complicated. I had a look through some of the local property websites. I found them very useful, you simple type in your property requirements, the area you wish to purchase in and of course your budget and instantly a list of your possible future homes appear. All basic information on the property and pictures are there. This is much quicker than physically going to look at a number of houses. Once I made shortlist of the properties I wished to view I rang up the agent and set up appointments!


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