Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Boiler Running Smoothly

If you fail to properly maintain your boiler, it could stop working when you need it most. A well-managed boiler works more efficiently and saves you money on utility bills.   

Annual Service

If you haven’t been looking after your boiler, you may need an experienced boiler installation in Bridgend to replace your unit. If you’ve taken steps to maintain your boiler, you’ll know it is important to book a service at least once a year. A professional technician will be able to check whether the system is safe and operating effectively.   

Check the Radiators

When you turn on the heating system, you may notice that not all radiators heat up at once, or some may not be working as well as others. If you notice this problem, you’ll have to bleed the radiators. You can fix the radiators by following these steps:

  • Place an empty bucket under the radiators
  • Open the radiators using a valve key
  • Listen for a hissing sound, this indicates the air is escaping from the radiators
  • When the sound stops, collect the water in a bucket
  • Close the radiators using the valve key  

Major Complications

There are times when you’ll find some major issues with your radiators, if notice any of these problems, you should contact a technician right away.

  • Valve is jammed and can’t be freed
  • Radiator has a hot top & cold bottom
  • Radiator isn’t heating – broken or faulty valve

If you like your boiler to work effectively all year round, it is advisable to maintain the unit and schedule annual inspections conducted by a professional.


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