Domestic Security Solutions from your Local Locksmith

If you would like a free home security evaluation, forget calling in a security company, as your local locksmith can do a lot more than gaining entry when you lock yourself out. The locksmith keeps abreast with cutting edge technology, and by talking to a 24-hour locksmith in Lewisham, you can have a free, no obligation, home security evaluation.

Video Surveillance

CCTV security is a great deterrent to the average burglar, and as each environment is unique, the locksmith would design the system around your property. It might consist of the following:

  • 3-4 CCTV Cameras – These would be placed in the right locations to give complete coverage of the perimeter.
  • Video Recorder – This device stores the data, and with a loop system, it deletes old footage to make way for new recording.

Burglar Alarms

With a state-of-the-art burglar alarm, you can sleep soundly, knowing that any intruder would set off the alarm, and with cutting edge technology, you can have wireless security. There are no off-the-shelf solutions with burglar alarms, rather the expert would design the system that is ideal for your needs. Your local locksmith is very affordable when supplying and installing burglar alarms, and can usually work to the client’s budget.

Keyless Access Control Systems

The days of locks and keys will soon be gone, and today you can have a state of the art keyless access control system fitted, which eliminates the risk of getting locked out of your home.

Your local locksmith offers a wide range of services that include burglar alarms and customised CCTV systems, and he will be a little cheaper than a security company.


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