Fitting Out Your New Office

If you are responsible for an office refurbishment or renovation you will have a lot of things to do, from the flooring to the lighting to the desk space, the list is seemingly endless. If your based in the Shropshire area you may be looking for local Telford carpets or office lighting specialists to assist you in the planning stage and their input can be crucial in avoiding any oversights in the overall refurbishment process. They should be able to help you with:

  • Colour Co-ordination
  • Office Kitchen and Office Space Flooring Considerations
  • Making the Most of the Natural Light Available
  • Flooring and Walkways Lighting and Flooring

Specialists in their field, be it lighting or flooring, will have years of experience in office refurbs and any advice they offer should be taken seriously. We all know that when we have a plan or a vision and are dead set on it, it’s hard to change our mind but people with extensive experience obviously know better! It’s not just a matter of personal taste!

Keeping to the Budget

With refurbishments of any kind, home or office, it’s sometimes hard to stick to the set budget. A few extra things here and there, an elaborate coffee machine, designer chairs etc but these things all have to be paid for! Set a budget and stick to it, perhaps with a little leeway for essentials that may have been overlooked or to replace things that simply don’t fit. Above all, take advice from professionals when offered, your accountant may thank you for it!


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