Resurfacing your Driveway? Block Paving is the Answer

Resurfacing the driveway never seems to be far away, and rather than opting for the traditional asphalt again, why not install block paving? This semi-permeable stone is tough, durable and comes in a range of attractive colours, all of which add to the appeal. This is very much a fit and forget driveway, and the odd power wash will restore the surface back to its original condition.

  • Natural Drainage – If you look at some of the quality driveways in Tamworth, you will notice that block paving holds no water, as the blocks are semi-permeable, allowing water to drain away naturally, and should the installation company think it necessary, they would recommend installing drainage pipes under the ground.
  • Stunning Designs – By using several colours and unique patterns, you can create a driveway that turns heads, and the best person to ask about designs is, of course, the supplier. Block paving offers so many possibilities, and with a Google image search, you can view some amazing creations that will certainly inspire you to think outside the box.
  • Solid Platform – The blocks are installed on a bed of sand which sits on a concrete base, and this means you can park your caravan without worrying about movement. Ask any seasoned driveway installer, and they will confirm that ground preparation is everything, as this provides a solid base, onto which the blocks are laid.

Talk to your local driveway specialist and take the first steps to creating a stunning driveway that ticks all the boxes.


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