The Top 5 Facts Of Asphalt Seal Coating

The Top 5 Facts Of Asphalt Seal Coating

When it comes to the asphalt seal coating and its importance, many people might lack the necessary information about it. After all, It is not every day that you invest in the seal coating of your driveway. The prime responsibility of a block paving sealer is to protect the pavement from the adverse effects of weather which includes harmful UV rays, incessant rain, snowfall and more. 

Seal coating protects your pavement in a similar way as the varnish safeguards the wood.

Here’s are some intriguing facts about asphalt seal coating which you need to know.

  • Prepare beforehand: You cannot seal any surface right away. It needs prior preparation which includes removing all sorts of debris like gunk, dirt, dust particles etc. Also, all the cracks and potholes need to be duly filled up with the relevant material. 

If there are any stains of oil or any other fluid, they need to be thoroughly removed so that the seal coating properly sticks to the pavement surface beneath it. 

Once you have taken care of all these preliminary requirements, the block paving sealer work may commence.

  1. Saves money: Are you tired of frequent and costly repairs on your driveways? Simply by seal coating your Asphalt pavement, the requirement for periodic maintenance will go down drastically. As a consequence, you’ll make a lot of savings in the long run too. 
  2. Protection against gasoline and oil spills: Preventing the spilling of fluids like engine oils, gasoline and other automotive liquids in a driveway or parking is next to impossible. 

Oil and gas are known to deteriorate the asphalt binder, which can displace the stones, thus compromising the integrity of your property.

By seal coating forms a protective layer on the pavement which shields the surface from fluid damage. 

  • Seal coating materials: There is a range of materials available which could be used for seal coating purpose. Some of the popularly used options include coal tar emulsions, oil-based Asphalt sealers, Asphalt emulsion etc. to name a few. You may discuss with your paving contractor to suggest an option which works the best in your case. 

  • Absence of seal coating may cause fading: A block paving sealer keeps the pavement surface looking new even after years of usage. On the contrary, the pavements which do not receive seal coating treatment often get faded with time. 

Speaking of Asphalt driveways, an un coated surface tends to change the shades from black to brown, grey and then finally off-white as the time goes by. Simply by seal coating the area, you can prevent this aesthetic degradation to a great extent.

With so many advantages to its credit, seal coating is a necessary investment which is essential to maintain the aesthetics and elongate the lifespan of your pavements. 


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