The importance of tree surveying and tree inventory in cities and towns

tree surveying

Naturally, trees are an essential part of every one of us and in the world as it provides us tons of benefits like food, shelter, oxygen to name a few.

A lot of towns and cities have not totally embraced the benefits of trees as part of their economic goals and plans which instead hurts a lot of cities from receiving grant monetary funds and the federal or the state funds which can improve the entire life of a community.

Trees are not just part of a city or a town’s resources, it is also a delicate living thing that keeps the balance of nature, if everyone neglects or cuts trees without conservation and replanting, the result could be catastrophic.

Tree surveying is one effective way to keep track of the benefits trees provide to give back to our planet, along with some important records in providing assistance to have proper maintenance, upkeep as well as diversity in monitored and protected forests. Urban forests are also part of the inventory and the surveying which provides a holistic way for foresters considering that there are many trees that are within an area where there is a dense population.

The information is a lot easier to obtain because a lot of people are now more involved in the importance of tree surveying, thanks to the hard work done by tree surveyor. It is completely important knowing that people should be more aware of the damages done by air pollution, carbon dioxide pollution, the importance of energy savings, the entire function of tree surveying, and the importance of monitoring done by both rural and urban foresters and tree surveyors to provide accurate information and data to unaware politicians and government officials on the value of our trees.

People will care about the trees in one way or another, while some will care for it because of its natural beauty and the values of taking care of it; others are only concerned if this will cause them inconvenience. The information which is gathered during a survey or inventory could take homeowners’ properties with more value and the species data that is collected could make the homeowners and people aware of the potential of the tree that is standing in their property.

Regardless of the reason, the towns and cities can benefit in conducting tree surveying and inventory to improve the current situation and overall health of rural and urban forested areas.

Even though there are a lot of ways to conduct different types of inventory like having a partial or a complete one within a town forested area or a city forest reserve, it is completely important to have it on a regular basis to achieve the goal of maintaining and preserving these delicate living things that makes our environment clean.


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