Gas Boiler Experts – Keeping your Home Safe

Gas Boiler Experts

If you have a gas central heating system you should be aware that it needs to be maintained and serviced regularly by a fully qualified engineer. You might know someone who knows a thing or two about boilers, but this does not mean you should let them do anything but the smallest cursory check. When you had your gas boiler installed, the engineer should have scheduled a regular service schedule but if you did slip through the net you will need to contact a reputable gas boiler engineer to check your unit. A gas boiler service in Plymouth and other places in the UK are relatively easy to book, but you need to do your research first. As a bare minimum, all gas boiler repair companies should be able to:

  • Install, maintain and repair gas home heating systems
  • Replace Boilers
  • Provide energy efficiency advice
  • Carry out gas safety checks

You should also make sure they are on the Gas Safe Register; this means they are qualified to carry out gas heating jobs.

How Find a Gas Heating Engineer

If you are new to an area you might not know or have used a local gas heating engineer before, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Asking your neighbours is probably the best thing to do and if they don’t know you will have to use the internet. Typing ‘gas boiler service’ and your location into a search engine should be enough to bring up a list of local companies that you can consider.


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