What You Need to Know When Buying Or Selling A House

The thought of purchasing your first home could be an exciting prospect for most people, but most of them would not be equipped with the appropriate knowledge to deal with the legalities in selling or buying a house, and this could lead to problems such as: issues with the title transfer, settlement with the financial institutions, delays with the purchasing/selling due to missing documents, etc. They could either engage a conveyancer or solicitor to assist them with the purchasing/selling.

Conveyancer or solicitor?

  • While both conveyancer and solicitor are similar in a sense that they do the same amount of groundwork relating to your property, a conveyancer is normally licensed in the area of property law only, while a solicitor (also known as a lawyer) is a licensed practitioner who is well-versed in all arms of the law. If you are unsure of the process, search for a solicitor firm that provides qualified conveyancing services in Gloucester, and you could save yourself the hassle of searching for information on your own.
  • While hiring a conveyancer may be cheaper (in some cases), a solicitor will be able to provide legal advices for most matters, and also draw up a will (if you require). This could be helpful for someone who wishes to settle all fiduciary matters at a single stop.

While you may be thinking of engaging in the buying/selling process by yourself to save the cost, it is advisable not to do so, as a professional could easily handle all of that for you, while you focus on your commitments in life.






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