Three Great Crab Apple Tree Options

Crab Apple tree

For as much attention as traditional apples tend to get, crab apples are quite often overlooked by comparison. On the one hand, that’s understandable insofar as crab apples’ taste varies wildly from that of other apples. Where we all know and love apples as a fruit with a remarkably refreshing sweet taste, crab apples are typically just the opposite, being far more acidic and sour. For this reason, crab apples are rarely eaten raw.

That does not mean that they don’t have other uses, however. Crab apples have a history in the UK of being used to make interesting ciders, while several cultures in Southeast Asia include it as a sour condiment to be served alongside traditional cuisine. In keeping with that tendency towards using crab apples as condiments, some jelly and jam-making companies have begun to incorporate them into their products.

But why pay for a crab apple for sale or condiments and jellies at the store when you can make your own? With sites such as Chris Bowers & Sons, not only can you find the right crab apples to produce such condiments yourself, but you can also get reliable information on how to best cultivate some of the leading types, such as these incredible crab apple trees.

Adirondack Crab Apple Trees

Native to the Adirondacks, a small clustering of hills near Northeastern New York State, these crab apples are incredibly easy to plant and grow, making them great for first timers. They produce lovely white flowers and deep pink buds, making for a lovely, lively display.

Comtesse de Paris Crab Apple Trees

As you might guess, these crab apple varieties are native to France. They grow to an impressive nine feet, boast bright yellow fruits in oval shapes, and small elegant blossoms of pink and white.

Golden Gem Crab Apple Trees

If you are looking to get crab apple trees primarily for jelly-making purposes, this might be your best pick. They boast bright yellow fruits, are incredibly hardy, can grow up to 12 feet, and can fit snugly into a garden area.

These crab tree options and many more like them offer unique twists on this unique fruit tree.


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