Moving Home? When is the Ideal Time to Do So?

Moving Home

Moving from one location to the other isn’t always an easy task, there are a lot of logistics involved in such a big move. You have to plan the day correctly to ensure nothing goes wrong, that means hiring a van, having your belongings ready to go and properly packing each item to ensure nothing gets damaged. Experts in moving van hire in Harrogate suggest carefully considering your moving day and time for many different reasons.

Here are some moving tips to help you prepare for the big day:

  • No Last-Minute Packing – Give yourself time to pack well in advance, that means no last-minute jobs.
  • Pack Smart – It makes a lot of sense to firstly pack items you don’t use on a daily basis.
  • Bit by Bit – Go through individual rooms one at a time, it will help you to stay organised.
  • Don’t Overpack – Don’t put too much stuff in your boxes or bags, the last thing you need is a broken box or injury.

Scheduling a Date

For obvious reasons, summer is the best time to move home. You’ve got the right weather and long evenings which provide additional light. Nobody likes to relocate in the winter, so if possible, aim for the summer months.


If you’re swamped with projects at a particular time of the year, don’t make it worse by scheduling a moving date during this period.

Family Concerns

If you’ve school aged children, it makes more sense to relocate when they are off for their summer break.


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