3 Great Reasons Why Plaster Is The Right Choice Of Finish For Your Walls And Ceiling.

No matter if it is a new home or you are making changes to your current one, plaster continues to be the most common form of interior wall finishes for UK homes. It is easily applied and gives the smooth finish that you want when painting or wallpapering later. Pople get it applied to walls and ceilings all across the UK and they choose it for many good reasons.

You can find the best plastering services in Newton Abbot and these guys take their jobs very seriously. It takes time and great skill to apply plaster evenly and correctly and these professionals have been applying plaster to walls and ceilings for many years. Putting plaster on your walls comes with a number of advantages and here are some of them.

  1. It is incredibly durable and if mixed and applied correctly, it creates a very strong wall finish and some suggest it is a better choice than dry wall. It is quite resistant to accidental knocks and if you damage it, it can be easily fixed.
  2. Plastering improves the overall look of a room or complete interior of a home and it can also be shaped or sculpted to create a pattern than can be quite unique. Once dried you can apply any colour of paint that you wish.
  3. It is a great insulator against sound and it stops loud noises travelling from room to room or up through the ceiling.

Plaster is the right choice when you want your walls to have strength and durability. The work can be completed quickly, so it doesn’t affect your life too much.


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