3 Reasons Why you Should Install Double Glazing

Install Double Glazing

The vast majority of UK homeowners are already enjoying the benefits of double-glazed windows, and when you consider the huge energy savings that UPVC replacement double-glazed windows bring, it is hardly surprising. Here are 3 of the main reasons why you should install bespoke double-glazed replacement windows in your home.

  1. Up to 60% Energy SavingsInstalling double glazing in West Wickham will result in a massive fuel saving in the winter months, as the heat loss through a sealed double-glazed unit is minimal when compared to that of a single pane of glass. The heat is trapped inside your house and that means your central heating boiler won’t have to work so hard to maintain the desired temperature.
  2. Boost Home Security – Burglars know only too well that double glazing is virtually impenetrable, so having your windows replaced sends out a powerful deterrent. Every window has a special lock, so when you are away, you can relax without the worry that your home is not secure.
  3. Double Glazing is a Long-Term Investment – When you consider how much you will save on energy bills in a year, then multiply that figure by 15 and suddenly double glazing makes perfect sense. The windows come with a very long warranty, and with UPVC frames, there is zero maintenance, while each unit is made to fit the aperture perfectly.

As the windows are built to specifications, you can choose the opening styles and the colour of the frames, and with great thermal and sound insulation, you can say goodbye to those annoying winter draughts.








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