3 Tips On How To Choose Chainwire Fencing

If you own a commercial property then you would need to make sure that the property and the workforce are safe from the ill-intentions of ill-doers. Irrespective of the commercial operations your commercial property is being subjected to, apart from installing state-of-the-art surveillance systems and related security systems, you would also need to install quality assured chainwire fencing. On that note, how can you choose fencing that will meet the unique security needs of your commercial property?

Well, it is simple when you keep the following three tips in your mind while shopping for fencing – 

Choose fencing that needs minimal preventative maintenance

Owning a commercial property is a lot of work. You will be taking care of responsibilities that will range from making sure that your workforce is not wasting time to ensuring that your production unit is churning out products on time. Hence, it is best to choose fencing systems that are made using materials that require minimal preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance, whether it is for your car or the fencing around your commercial property takes time and money – these are resources that you will always try to save especially when you own a business.

Hence, choose fencing that is made using stainless steel as the material is strong, durable, and needs almost no upkeep.

The chain wire material should be robust and weather-proof

Wire material options for fencing are plenty but how to choose one that will be robust and weather-proof?

Well, you should choose fencing that is made using either aluminum or stainless steel. Stainless steel is better as mentioned in the point before this one but at the same time, stainless steel wire fencing costs more and they are heavy as well.

Aluminum chain fencing has strength similar to stainless steel but costs less and is lightweight. On top of these amazing attributes, aluminum has longer operational lives and can withstand the elements better than stainless steel.

The mesh size and the gauge of the wire should meet your unique security needs

You should remember that a fence is only strong when the tensile strength of the wire used to make it is on par with the set standards. On top of this, the gauge of the wire used to make a fence is also an important consideration. Furthermore, you would also need to ensure that the size of the mesh is optimal especially when it comes to keeping security threats out of your property.

Keeping all of these facts in mind will allow you to choose a fence that will be suitable for use around commercial properties. For the best results, choose a fencing system from a brand that uses gauge-13 wires and comes with a small-sized mesh.

Apart from following the tips mentioned above, you should also remember to always choose fencing that will be compatible with the type of barbed wire you are planning to put around your property. On top of this, you should also make sure that the fencing will be able to support the weight of a chain wire gate as well. Installing a gate will be essential if you want to ensure seamless ingress and egress to your property. With that stated, always purchase fencing from manufacturers that can deliver products with specifications set by you.


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