A Basic Guide to a Loft Conversion

Many UK homeowners turn to their loft in their quest for more living space, and when you factor in the high cost of building these days, it is no surprise that people want to make the best use of what they have. If you look at the loft conversion cost in Harrogate and compare it with building an extension, it suddenly becomes very attractive in terms of cost.

Specialist Builder

The builder who focuses on loft conversions would have a wealth of experience in designing and converting loft space, and a typical loft conversion would involve the following:

  • The flooring – Typically chipboard, which is easily cut and this is fixed directly on top of the joists, and with your existing loft insulation removed, this will allow the heat to rise into the loft.
  • Ceiling Insulation – The ceiling would likely be made of plywood, and behind it would be a special insulation blanket, which covers the inside of the roof, and this is your main insulation.
  • Skylights – Normally two would be sufficient and these should be double glazed and have openings, ideal for the summer. You might also require a couple of extractor fans set into the walls, which will give you that much-needed ventilation. You might like a larger window installed, and depending on the size and shape of the loft, the builder can design something that is ideal.
  • Fittings – The builder would box in the water tank and any pipes that are showing, while also incorporating power for lighting and sockets.

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