A Guide to Preparing for the Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep

Despite the existence of central heating, many UK homeowners cannot resist the warmth and cosiness of an open fire, and who could blame them? Of course, having the chimney swept is part and parcel of having an open fire, and with that in mind, here is a guide to preparing for the sweep’s visit.

  • Preparing the Room – The fireplace should be cleared of everything, along with the mantel, and furniture that is not removed can be covered with old bedsheets. Any valuables should be removed from the room, which is something the chimney sweep would request. You should also remove the rug near the fire, if you have one, and leave a train of newspapers for the chimney sweep to walk on.
  • Remove Unburnt Fuel – This makes the job that much easier, otherwise the technician would have to do it. Whether you use wood or coal, make sure there are no remnants left in the hearth.
  • Sourcing a Chimney Sweep – There is affordable fireplace cleaning in Orpington from an established chimney sweep who has been serving the local community for many years, and he can be found with a Google search.

The chimney sweep is obviously a very busy man, so try to be ready at the agreed time and he will very professionally carry out his work and leave you to enjoy your day, and don’t forget to make a wish! If you do not know of a local chimney sweep, Google is your best friend.









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