Create a Rustic Look for Your Kitchen with These 3 Easy Tips

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, opting for the rustic look is a great idea. The rustic setup gives a warm and aesthetic effect to the kitchen. The sheer number of ideas available for this particular look are sure to overwhelm you. Remodeling a kitchen into a cozy and warm rustic setup ensures both classic and modern notes to resonate throughout. You can remain assured of the fact that your kitchen will never go out of trend if you choose the rustic design. We have put together a few tips to give you an idea of how to achieve this rich and earthy rustic look for your kitchen the next time you think of remodeling it.

Rich Cherry Wood Cabinet Look


The cherry color of wood evokes a pastoral effect for the kitchen, making it a specimen of everlasting beauty. Cherry wood kitchen cabinets are an amazing choice to attain a rustic look for your kitchen. It is the perfect mingle of elegance, sophistication and warmth. The cabinets are close-grained, rich toned with a smooth and polished finishing. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you should definitely think of cherry wood kitchen cabinets to get an impeccable bucolic effect. You can opt for a central countertop or a built-in dining space to give it a more homely touch. Think of appropriate lighting coupled with dark hues of appliances, your kitchen will grab the attention of all your guests and transport them to a farmhouse setting.

The Kitchen Is Seasoned With Love

In order to achieve the perfect rustic look for your kitchen, you need to care for it with abundance of love and caring. Each element present in the kitchen should be placed tactically, keeping in mind the cozy and homely design you crave. You should keep a small corner of the kitchen for fresh flowers as they are a reminder of the agrarian beauty. You can opt for hardwood flooring throughout the kitchen to take the rustic look up another notch. A farmhouse sink, or an apron-front sink is also quite popular in putting together this look. It gives an authentic vintage feel which is very cozy and welcoming. Using white dishes for serving and wooden utensils for other cooking or mixing purposes enhances the look even further. You can also think of installing a fireplace to make it look more authentic, with brick-like textures to blend well with the pervading style of the room.

Create the Things You Wish Existed

If you are renovating your old kitchen, there are many DIY ideas to help you obtain the much-coveted pastoral effect. You need to visit a few cabinet showrooms to narrow down your favorite kind of kitchen cabinetry. You may come across RTA cabinets wholesale stores and they are super affordable. The Ready to Assemble cabinets give you the liberty to play around in the kitchen, piecing together your ideas to get the desirable rustic ambience. Remodeling a kitchen can cost you a lot, thus wholesale cabinet stores are your best option to make it affordable without compromising on the quality of cabinets. You can think of getting neutral colors like white or cream to complement the earthy woody effect of the walls. If you get your hands on RTA cabinets at wholesale stores, you can experiment with your creativity to put together a cozy, warm and homely rustic kitchen. Think of DIY pot-hangers, cup-holders, hooks for hanging pans and wall racks for plates. These will immediately transport anyone who walks into the kitchen to a farmhouse setting, only exception being that yours will ultra-modern and trendy.

We hope you have gathered a few tips on how to create the perfect rustic look for your kitchen the next time you renovate it. Kitchens are made to bring families together, and this simple farmhouse look will ensure your kitchen is filled with love and warmth.


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