Many people wonder why hiring a facade cleaning company if they have the option of buying their own high pressure cleaning machine. The differences between working with a specialized company and acquiring your own pressure water cleaning equipment are several.

The high pressure cleaning equipment used by companies is industrial. This means that its manufacture is much more robust than that of a domestic machine, so it resists intensive use better and has a much longer lifespan. It is the same difference that there can be between a home washer and an industrial washer.

Domestic pressure cleaning machines are effective in removing dirt from small surfaces, such as bicycles, railings, etc. However, they do not have enough capacity to remove dirt embedded in large surfaces, such as a swimming pool, a ship or a facade.

Another use for which domestic machines are not prepared is to remove dirt that accumulates during a rehabilitation or construction of a home or premises. Resistant stains, such as cement, plaster or paint, can only be removed quickly and efficiently if we hire a cleaning company Nubirth Pressure Washing.

The industrial high-pressure cleaning machinery reaches every corner and drags smoothly to the most difficult dirt.

Home pressure washers need maintenance, accessories and repairs. All this has a cost. If you hire a façade cleaning company, you forget these expenses and also save time and effort.

On the other hand, not all surfaces can be treated in the same way. The water of professional machines can be regulated in flow, temperature and pressure to clean each surface in the most efficient way and without damaging them. It is not the same to work on delicate materials, such as glass, than to do it on cement. Nor does the same treatment require grease stains as paint.


One of the main advantages of hiring a facade cleaning company is that the results will be much better and faster. But there are other reasons:

Professional result

Facade cleaning companies have specialized machinery and qualified personnel who will achieve better results than any domestic pressure washer.

Increased hygiene

The temperature and the use of detergents dissolved in water eliminate mites, bacteria, insects and fungi, responsible for many diseases and allergies. This aspect is especially important when we talk about offices or industrial buildings where there is a constant flow of people.

Legal guarantees

High pressure cleaning companies have liability insurance that covers any damage or accident that could be caused.

Flexible schedules

Most companies adapt to the hourly needs of their clients so as not to cause discomfort in their work or in their private life.

Why spend your free time cleaning if you can dedicate it to enjoy with yours while you leave this task to the professionals?

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