How to Protect the Exterior of your Home

The exterior of any UK property has to endure some serious punishment from the harsh British climate, and when it comes to protection, there are top quality paint products that will offer a very high level of protection.

Professional Solutions

The best way to go about repainting the exterior of your home is to talk to the best painting services in Dulwich, who can inspect your property and make suitable recommendations. You can expect at least a 2-year warranty on any external painting, which offers peace of mind, and by using the very best paint products, your exterior walls will handle the harsh climate.

Protective Coatings

Even surfaces that are not painted can be covered with a protective coating, which will add another layer of protection, and the surfaces include:

  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Stone

This type of coating has a high degree of elasticity, allowing the coating to move with the building, and if professionally applied, will come with a long warranty. The best approach regarding exterior coatings is to consult with a local painter, who would have a wealth of experience in protecting exterior surfaces.

Preparing the Surfaces

The preparation is the key to a successful application, and the professional painter would ensure that all surfaces are carefully prepared before applying the paint. This will ensure that the paint adheres well to the surfaces, and how many coats are required would very much depend on the situation.

Preventative Maintenance

Having the exterior walls and windows painted will reduce the risk of serious repairs, and you are advised to seek out a local expert, who will inspect the property and then inform you of the possible options.


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