How to Remove a Mature Tree in a Residential Area

If you have a large oak, elm or beech tree that is dangerous and needs to be removed, you only have one option, and that is to call in a tree surgeon. Felling a big tree is possible, but in a residential area, dropping the tree is not really an option, as it could cause damage to people and property, and the expert would remove the tree bit by bit, starting at the top.

Equipment Needed

To remove a large tree, you would need the following:

  • A Crane – To lower the bough sections to the ground.
  • Several chainsaws of varying sizes.
  • Lots of ropes and pulleys.
  • Transportation to remove the wood

Professional Advice

The tree surgeon would obviously need to inspect the site before quoting for the project, and with tree surgeons in Walton-on-Thames, they would be fully insured, in case something went wrong, which it rarely does with professionals. In some cases, the tree can be saved, which is also a cheaper option that having it removed, and they can even remove the stump, thanks to a state of the art stump grinding machine, which runs the roots into pulp.

Taking Precautions

In a residential area, there will be other house, parked cars, and maybe even passers-by, so great care must be taken when removing the tree. The team would comprise of 4 or 5 workers, one who would go up the tree top remove branches, while the others remain on the ground to ensure the area remains free and also to cut up and remove small branches. There would likely need to be a crane to lower the big sections as they are removed, and with each section weighing a couple of tons, the crane would lower them onto the bed of a waiting truck.


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