Piermont Grand Floor Plan Is All Set To Launch- Are You Prepared To Buy ECs?

Searching Executive condominiums online and going through the images, videos, and virtual-tour of different developers is such bliss for the prospective buyer. Wouldn’t it be outstanding if you could own one? ECs are widely discussed and have countless buyers waiting in anticipation to get the right deal; maybe you are also lingering for the right opportunity. Piermont Grand Floor Plan and show flat is one such awaited opening for the Singaporeans.

Show flat and Floor Plan

There are promises done by developers, property dealers, and sellers but at all times it is foremost to have a gaze on the offerings. Piermont Grand Floor Plan and Show flat give the prospective buyer a chance to self-analyze the exact location, Site plan, price range and the intricacy of the whole project.

  • Show flat: The newly built flats and condos to be provided are given a preview to the prospective customers. This is an exciting way to have a view of the functional and decorative aspect of the ECs.
  • Floor plan: This denotes to every facet of architecture and engineering namely the fixtures, rooms, spaces, physical features, dimensions, floor height and number of stories through pictorial scale diagram.

Singapore and EC

Having an idea of the project beforehand will definitely benefit the potential buyer. You have the option of getting your finances sorted and do make sure to consider the eligibility criteria for purchasing EC in Singapore.

  • EC: It is a hybrid property which has all amenities within the project. They are public housing and after five years it becomes private holding for the owner in Singapore. ECs in the country are approved by various norms and legislation and these are duly followed by the developers, making the property safe and secure to purchase.
  • Age and Citizenship: the minimum age is 21 and Singapore citizenship is must. Once the property is declared private holding, the possessor can resell if interested. For foreigners, the property is restricted for about 10 years and after that, they can invest and reap the benefits of the property.

Piermont Grand Floor Plan and Show flat launch are expected in the coming days. Discounts for early birds are available and all the prospective buyer has to do is visit online and register. In doing so, one can view and introspect on every feature of the project. A booking appointment may improve the way you reside. What’s your Booking day?


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