Reasons to Introduce Water Fountains for Your Home Gardens

Let us start by stating the obvious – water can blend in the greenery you have in your backyard. Transform it into an artificial river, fountain, or pond, and it can stand out and become the main feature on its own. Fountains, ponds, artificial fountains, and other features are perfect for patios in modest homes and houses with ample garden space. With the correct position and the right background, these features can also change the mood, ambiance, and theme of the entire property. Let us take a closer look at the reasons why these things are ideal for any garden.

They are easy to maintain

Cleaning a pond or fountain is an easy task, but it will need to be cleaned regularly to minimize the risk of mosquito or algae buildup. Also, cleaning periodically is very important because it can help prevent blockage on the feature’s pipes. If homeowners are using rocks, stones, or gravel, they will need to be cleaned or polished regularly.

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If the features have pond plants or fishes, owners need to make sure that they get them out and place them in a safe tank before removing the water of the fountain or pond. Not only that, but property owners also need to remember the best part: this activity is very refreshing, enjoyable, and does not cost a lot of money.

Property owners can match the features with their style

There are a lot of different designs homeowners can choose from these days. It is very easy to find the style that can complement the theme of their garden. According to most experts, people prefer three styles: Old English, classic, and modern. Old English gardens, look for antique or round features.

Statue-designed fountains are pretty effective in classical space. Contemporary spaces that are minimalist looks pretty good with Asian-inspired fountains, made from natural materials. You can also accessorize the space with bamboo and grasses.

In case the property only has a balcony or patio, look for designs that can be used on a table or in a corner. There are small ponds or fountains available in the market, comprised of concentric vases, and are pretty efficient on available spaces.

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Property owners can make use of the sunlight

Features are more beautiful when natural sunlight is shining through its water streams. It can give off the impression that the people living in the property are bonding with nature while being shined by sunlight. For some cultures, it is thought to be the home owner’s link with the spiritual world. For others, it is a sacred element, and having a feature close to them means the gods will be on their side.

Remember that Greek people used to worship Poseidon, the god of water and ruler of the oceans and seas. The Romans also worshiped Neptune, their version of Poseidon, and their god of water. The ancient world had significant respect for light and water, and more than three millennia later, people still respect these sacred elements.

People can add more garden textures and designs

Property owners love to design their houses, and it applies to yards and gardens, as well. People love to customize and personalize their gardens as a sign of prosperity and luxury. If they wish to design their yards, they can use river rocks with different sizes and colors to add more interest. Some are smoother and more polished, while others are rough based on the owner’s preference.

They just need to make sure that the size of the rock they are using is relative to the size of the feature, as well as the decor, water, and the green plant ratio is equally spread. The last thing homeowners want is to make their garden overstuffed with a lot of decorations and look unnatural.

It can help create a serene ambiance in the garden

Features like garden water fountains can create tranquil sounds, which is ideal if the property is situated in a noisy city or neighborhood. Think of it as a place to become one with the environment and recreate yourself. There is a lot of therapy taking place at the seaside or mountainside, near locations like rivers, oceans, or seas.

But if you want to have a place where you can relax and meditate, surely a fountain or pond in your property can make your dream come true. For added therapy effect, homeowners can even plant aromatic and fragrant flowers or plants that bloom at night.



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