The Endless Design Options That Block Paving Offers the Homeowner

Aside from the many other benefits that block paving offers, you have almost unlimited design options, as the blocks can be laid in numerous patterns, and by using two or even three separate colours, you can create a truly unique pattern.

Professional Driveway Installations

This is definitely not something you should attempt yourself, unless you happen to be a driveway specialist, and with expert driveway paving services in Wandsworth, you can be sure of a first-class installation. Interlocking herringbone designs actually strengthen the driveway, and the supplier would have an album full of stunning designs to inspire you. Blocks do come in various sizes, both square and rectangular in shape, and there are also different finishes, allowing you to create a truly unique design.

Load Bearing

The design will determine the overall strength of the driveway, and the supplier would be able to advise you on a design that offers the best load bearing properties. Some of the designs include:

  • Brickwork staggering
  • Herringbone design
  • Diagonal Herringbone

Kerb & Edging Stones

These can be used purely as a decorative feature, and the range of designs is literally endless. The best way to approach a block paving driveway is to call in an expert, who can show you a few stunning images of exactly what can be achieved.


If the ground has natural drainage, then the semi-permeable blocks will allow for natural drainage, however, if the drainage is poor, it might be best to install drainage under the blocks. Blocks are best installed onto a porous concrete base, and should this be necessary, the supplier would recommend this.


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