What Could Go Wrong with My Roof?

A good question, and one that most homeowners will mull from time to time, and while the list of possibilities is long, the probability factor is acceptable. Let’s take a look at the potential causes of major roof damage.
  • Water Damage –When a few tiles were dislodged in a recent storm, this left a square metre of tile-less roof and a heavy downpour sent water into the roof. To make matters worse, this was not noticed until the roof rafters and joists were already damaged beyond repair, and with affordable roofing services in Stoke-On-Trent, replacing a few joists and rafters is well within their capabilities.
  • Tree Damage – Mature trees that overhang your roof should be monitored, as a large bough might weigh up to 20 tonnes, and if that came crashing through your roof, you are looking at major damage. Remove dead and dangerous branches and check that the tree is sturdy and not a danger in any way.
  • Storm Damage – High winds lift heavy objects and send them flying through the air, and gale force winds can lift a row of tiles as if they were made from paper. You should inspect your roof after every spell of bad weather, as any repairs need to be carried out as soon as possible.
  • Blocked Guttering – Should a section of the guttering at the rear of the roof become blocked, this would eventually send water cascading down the exterior walls, and if that goes unnoticed for a few weeks, the water will penetrate deep into roof and upper ceilings.
Regular roof inspections will ensure that any issues are spotted and repaired, leaving your roof is good order.


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