Which camera to choose for its video surveillance system?

I’d rather have a fixed camera with a wide-angle lens, rather than a motorized surveillance camera that can be rotated to look at different places. On the one hand, while the motorized camera is filming in one direction, it is possible to sneak in the other direction, unsupervised for a few seconds. On the other hand, which says motorization says mechanical and therefore more risk of breakdowns. However, a motorized camera may have some interest in saving on the number of cameras to put in place, when. I recently introduced you: here various sensors allow to monitor the house and to indicate to the camera the place to film in case of a problem. So the camera Nest vs Ring is always turned to the important place

What lens for his camera?

Fixed or motorized, in both cases, the choice of the lens will be very important. To choose well, it is necessary to understand a few notions. On all the cameras you will find a concept of focal length, expressed in mm, which makes it possible to determine the field and the angle of vision:

  • The smaller the focal length, the wider the field of view.
  • The larger the focal length, the narrower the field of view.
  • The field of view is the area, in width, that the objective will allow you to see:
  • If you want a “wide-angle “, then it will have a small lens (2.8mm). It simply means that the image will be wider. With a wide-angle, some details are more difficult to see.
  • If on the other hand, you need to film precisely the face of a person who passes a door then you will need a larger focal length, for example, 16mm.

Most cameras offer a fixed focal length, ie they can only be adjusted to a specific field of view. These are the most affordable, but you must be careful when buying. Other models offer a variable focal length, that is to say, they allow to adjust the focal length manually and thus to better frame the field of vision. The lenses are usually variable from 2.8 to 12mm or from 5 to 50mm.

To better see the details, some cameras also offer optical zoom. If you want to be able to perfectly identify a distant face, this is the best. But prices are climbing fast too.

Finally, a word on the iris Nest vs Ring , which is related to the amount of light allowed to filter through the lens, and which will impact the quality of the image. A “fixed” iris is to use if you are in an area where the lighting does not change, like a desk. A self-iris lens, it automatically adjusts the light variations, so particularly recommended for outdoor.


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