2 Changes Around Your Home That Will Help You Retain Your Independence.

You have to accept the hand that you are dealt in life and learn to take the rough with the smooth. Things change and circumstances change and there may be big changes in your life in the near future that you never thought would happen to you. You could get hurt in a sporting event and the injury could be something that changes your life completely. There is no need, however, to sit back and accept the hand that you are dealt and you can make small changes that will make your life a lot more comfortable.

If you suffer an injury that causes real changes in your life with regards to your mobility and your independence, then you need to make other additional changes in your environment. You may have to make changes all around your home and so you need to be looking for affordable disabled access adaptations in Bristol to make your days a lot more straightforward. The following are some changes that you might want to make.

  1. You may not be able to stand unassisted for a long period of time and so you need to make changes that allow you to wash yourself, for example, without anyone having to be there to help. You could install a sit-down shower that allows you to be able to take care of yourself without the need to stand up for it.
  2. A simple thing like a grab rail positioned around your home can be a great help. It will allow you to pull yourself up and grab rails can be installed in bathrooms, toilets and showers.

Keep your independence by making modifications around your home and work that will make life easier today and tomorrow.


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