3 Issues That Might Be The Cause Of Your Blocked Drains In Your Home In The UK.

As homeowners or tenants, we are always experiencing issues with our pipes throughout the house. I suppose, we only have ourselves to blame as we continue to put things in our drains every day like leftover food and cooking oil, that shouldn’t be going down the drain. After a few years, all this stuff starts to back up in our drains and then, we experience blockages and this can make our lives quite difficult. Nobody wants sewage or grey water coming back into their house after just flushing it out, but if the drains are blocked, then it has nowhere to go except back in.

When this happens, you need to avail yourself of emergency drainage solutions in East London who will come to your home and address any issues that you are having with drainage. There are a number of things that could go wrong when it comes to your drainage.

  1. The dreaded blocked toilet is something that none of us want to experience but it does happen. Maybe the kids have flushed something in the toilet that they shouldn’t have and now everything is threatening to come back into the bathroom or toilet. Thankfully, the drainage company knows how to unblock this.
  2. The bath and the shower drains are two other issues that you may have. An accumulation of body hair and skin over the years creates a blockage and the dirty water cannot drain away. The drainage company has the necessary tools to clear this up.
  3. They may also have to use a pressure water jet to clear your larger drains outside as this might be the cause of all your issues. A quick blast and the blockage will be moved on.

For emergency drainage issues and general issues, give your local drainage experts a call and let them deal with it.



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