Common Pests That Are Found in UK Homes

In the harsh winter, the UK is pretty much free of pests, yet come the spring, rodents and insects thrive and more often than not, these hardy creatures decide to share our homes. Here are a few of the creatures that we regard as pests in the UK.

  • Rodents – Rats and mice are a common problem for the UK homeowner, and should you notice the tell-tale signs of a rodent infestation, there are cheap pest control services in Oxford who can eliminate the rodents for good.
  • Ants – Where they come from, nobody knows, but if an army of ants decide to set up home in your property, they can be a challenge to remove. While you might be able to exterminate the majority of ants, you really do need a professional approach, if you want them to be gone for good.
  • Bees & Wasps – Summer time visitors, bees and wasps can set up home in the eaves of your roof or a tree in the garden, and rather than attempting to remove the nest yourself, you are strongly advised to seek out a pest control firm, who can safely remove the nest.
  • Cockroaches – No one likes these hardy little insects, and they prefer to live in kitchens, due to the close proximity of food. You might be able to reduce their numbers, although it can get very messy, and if you would like a professional to remove them, all it takes is an online search to find a pest control firm that services your area.

Whatever the pest problem, look to your local pest control company to exterminate the invaders.


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