Creating the minimalist look for your home & Furniture

minimalist look for your home & Furniture

While minimalism is something that many people aspire to for their home, it is not always the most practical approach to decorating, and many people will not want to opt for this look if they have young children. However, there are a number of ways in which it can be made to work.

Tips for minimalism

Minimalism often means white walls. This look can be a bit too much for some people, but when teamed with the right curtain and cushion fabrics, it can work very well. Think about the patterns on the fabrics rather than the colour. The fabrics will be able to stand out very well against the backdrop of the white walls. However, white is not the only choice. Cream and earthy tones can also work very well in a minimalist room.

Plain white can make the most of any natural light coming into a room, and strategically placed mirrors can also add to the effect. Carefully positioned lamps can be used in the evening to create a warm glow in the room.

Minimalism does not mean that every surface in the house needs to be clear, but some should be in order to help the effect. Windowsills are the obvious choice. It is very easy to clutter them with knick-knacks, but keeping windowsills clear instantly helps the room feel tidier. Ensure that there is plenty of storage in the home so that everything can be put away out of sight. Minimalism is not simply a way of getting rid of everything, but it should make home owners think carefully about the items that they really want to keep. Holding onto something just for the sake of it is not the right approach.

Think about the pictures on the walls. Filling the walls with photos or prints can be a great way of personalizing the space, but certain frames will not help create a minimalist look. Avoid features such as borders and stenciling.

Floor space should be as clear as possible – using wooden or laminate flooring is the best option. Encourage children to pack away their things after they have been used in order to keep surfaces clear.

Furniture tips

Do not fill each room with pieces of furniture that are not needed. Look at each room and work out what is essential. For example, a glass dining table and suitable chairs are needed in a dining room, but if there are also additional side tables or cabinets that do not get much use, then clear them out. The room will look larger as a result, and it will be easier to maintain a minimalist effect.

Keeping entertainment equipment out of sight is also a good idea. DVD players and set top boxes can be placed in cabinets so that the cluttered look is minimized.

The main thing is not to try to create the design of each room all at the same time. Work on one room at a time so that it will be much easier to see what needs to be done next. Tackling the whole house can seem like a mammoth task.


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