How Do You Grow Stepover Apple Trees?

When you buy apple trees and decide to choose the stepover type, it’s best if you start with a tree that is one-year-old or younger and has either no branches or just a few of them. This is called a maiden whip, and you have to make sure the tree is supple and will bend over easily. If you graft this tree onto an M27 rootstock, you’ll likely get the best results, because some other rootstocks are simply too vigorous to do the job right. If you buy stepover apple trees for your garden, you can get them already in the containers, but you can grow these trees right from the beginning as well.

Starting From the Beginning

Choosing when to grow your stepover apple trees isn’t as difficult as you might think. Regardless of where you buy apple trees from, their experts can help you get started, and some of the things you’ll have to do include using posts that are two feet long and spacing the trees five to six feet apart, planting the maiden whip in winter next to the post and tying the tree to it, bending the tree occasionally toward the horizontal wire in the spring, tying the stem to the wire in several places, and pruning in the summer to encourage full growth. When you buy stepover apple trees, they can be in various stages of growth, but the experts at the nursery will help you decide how to get started so that your trees can thrive.

Training Stepover Apple Trees

When you’re growing stepover apple trees, the process is normally called training the trees, but it isn’t as complex as it sounds. It essentially requires that you take regular care of the trees but each task required is simple to do and usually doesn’t take very long. As long as you pay attention to your stepover trees on a daily basis and spend just a few minutes per day on them, you can have these trees “trained” in no time. If you wish to buy apple trees and want to learn more about stepovers, visit to get the details you need. Stepover trees may or may not be for you, but if you choose to grow these types of trees, just know that the effort you put forth doing so will never go to waste because in the end, you’ll get lush, productive fruit trees that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.



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