Simple Ways to Enhance your Outdoor Area

It’s simple to enhance the look of your garden when you add interest like an arbour, a water feature, or a small patio with a firepit. 

Incorporating the four classic elements of air, earth, fire, and water is the secret to creating an eye-catching, yet serene outdoor space.

  • Arbors, Pergolas, and Plant Walls

Add height to your garden with an arbour or pergola. These airy structures let in light, yet define an area.

Find complete build-at-home arbour kits online for under £250. A local carpenter can build and install a simple arbour for around £400, or a large wooden pergola to cover a seating area for about £3500.

A trellis with trailing greenery is an inexpensive way to provide privacy and create a stunning backdrop.

Two poles set into the ground with a lattice panel attached is an easy afternoon project that cost under £75.

Plant trailing vines at the base and train them to grow up the trellis or hang metal-ring pot holders from the lattice so you can plant a variety of bright flowers.

  • Fountains and Water Features

The soothing sound of running water brings serenity to any outdoor space and there are many styles of small plug-in fountains for purchase between £12-40 that will add instant charm to your entryway or garden. Water features can also be installed by a landscaper who will be able to give you advice on which best suits your garden and how to maintain such a feature.

Do you have a drab corner in your yard? A custom-built water feature can cost several thousand pounds but can transform the space into a tiny oasis.

  • Wood or Gas Firepits

A wood or gas fire pit entices people to gather around the flickering flames and radiating heat.

Encourage friends to linger around the fire by adding comfortable seating, like outdoor couches facing each other, with the fire pit in between.

  • Patios and Decks

Installing a patio under your fire pit or pergola will keep maintenance low and provide a firm footing for guests.

Expect to pay £8-£12 per square metre for blocks for a do-it-yourself project, while hiring a landscaping contractor to pour a cement pad should cost around £115 реr ѕԛuаrе metre.

Wood decking is optimal choice to enhance your outdoor space when your property has uneven ground since you can elevate the deck over the problem areas.

A seat built around a tree is a great way to incorporate a deck into a space you may have otherwise thought impossible.


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