The Benefits of Recycling Furniture

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Did you know that 10 million bits of furniture are thrown away in the UK every year? It’s estimated that about a third of these could be reused and more could be repaired.

Furniture is far more than just objects that provide ease and comfort in our living spaces. Whereas practicality, durability and comfort are still the major criteria for customers, esthetics play an almost equal role when it comes to investing in a new piece of furniture. Whether the new sofa fits into its new surroundings does not only depend on its sheer size, but also on whether it fits our expectations, ecological standards and tastes. Objects make statements about their owners and the market has become increasingly aware of the customers’ needs to furnish their homes or businesses with interesting furniture that highlight their owners individuality.

There are two ways that you can benefit from recycled furniture: you could either buy a reclaimed, repaired or up cycled piece for your own home, or you could give your unwanted furniture to a recycling scheme. They will clean it or repair it as needed, or even break it up and use the parts for a new item, and see that it goes to a good home to help people who cannot otherwise afford furniture.

Recycling furniture or buying second hand or antique is great for the environment, because the materials and processes used in making new pieces can be damaging. It’s also cost-effective, and most importantly means that you can have an interesting piece with history and character. Many new pieces of furniture from chain stores are all very similar in appearance and colour, having been mass produced for cost purposes, and it means that you can end up with a living room looking exactly like your neighour’s.

If you’re buying wooden furniture, reclaimed pieces are a great choice. Reclaimed wood is good for the environment because it means that no new trees were cut down to make it – the wood comes from existing sources. This often means you get the sense of an antique but in a modern piece of furniture, and a unique piece which will add character to your room.

Some people turn recycling or “up cycling” furniture into an art. If a piece of furniture is no longer fit for its original purpose it can be made over or turned into something else. An item like this will really stand out and make an interesting talking point in your home. It’ll be unique piece which can help enhance the style and personality of your home.

Not only the material, but also the design of our furniture can make a statement about our personal needs, views and tastes. Interesting furniture and accessories can also be acquired from online stores. While some appreciate traditional elegance with unique design elements, others prefer unusual or even provocative shapes, colours and patterns. Interesting designs are not only found in basic functional furniture such as chairs, tables and beds, but also in accessories like lighting fixtures, vases and various other decorative objects that are furniture in a broader sense.

So next time you’re thinking of changing your furniture, look for recycled options, or ways to turn your item into something practical and beautiful.


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